Standard Shopify contact forms

When should you stop customers from entering a bad, fake or invalid addresses? Surely as soon as they start typing. The ZingVerify verification tool starts working straight away and shows your customers an icon to indicate if their email address is valid.

Shopify themselves consider the contact page to be one of the most under-optimized locations. It is a simple way to be approachable, gain your buyers trust and manage complaints effectively.

By default, Shopify allows the contact form to be submitted without verifying the email address. This can result in buyers not trusting your brand due to "loss" of emails.

With ZingVerify the buyer will be prompted to check their email address.

Without ZingVerify
Screenshot of Shopify contact form with invalid email submitted
With ZingVerify
Screenshot of Shopify contact form with ZingVerify enabled

Newsletter section on your Shopify store

When signing up for a newsletter on your Shopify store, a potential buyer will not expect to get a newsletter straight away. But it is nearly guaranteed that after exiting your shop, they will not sign up to the newsletter again. If a newsletter bounces, then you will never be able to contact that person, even if you can see a typo in their email address.

By default, Shopify will allow any email address to get submitted without prompting the user to correct it.

Without ZingVerify
Screenshot of Shopify newsletter with invalid email address

With ZingVerify, it will prompt the user nearly instantly as to whether their email address is valid. By detecting typos as your potential customer enters their email, they can be warned if it was mistyped.

With ZingVerify
Screenshot of Shopify newsletter with ZingVerify enabled

Blocking registrations

Sender reputation is an important factor when sending email campaigns. Gmail, Outlook, Apple, Yahoo and AOL take great notice of this when deciding to route emails into spam instead of your customers' inbox. Also if an email goes to a mistyped address, a different recipient will mark your email as spam as they have not requested correspondence.

By default, Shopify allows people to register on your store with an invalid email address.

Without ZingVerify
Screenshot of customer with invalid email address in Shopify

With ZingVerify you can stop the bad data from getting in to your Shopify backend altogether. The "Prevent form submission" setting will prompt your buyer to enter a valid email address if they try to submit the form.

With ZingVerify
Screenshot Sign up for an account with ZingVerify enabled

Custom Forms / Form Builders / Pop ups / Exit Intent

ZingVerify can integrate on all of them! If there are particular instructions you need then just let us know.

How to add ZingVerify Email Validation to your Shopify store

JavaScript integration for email validation

  1. Sign up to the ZingVerify service with a free trial.
  2. Confirm your account by clicking on the welcome email.
  3. Copy the script tag.
  4. Paste just before the closing </head> tag in "theme.liquid".
    • Log into your Shopify account
    • Go to "Themes" on the left hand menu
    • "Actions" -> "Edit code"
    • Click to edit "theme.liquid"
    • Paste the script tag just before the </head>
  5. Optionally change the configuration to suit your business needs.
  6. Enjoy improved campaign performance, deliverability and ROI.

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