Increase your list quality with email verification

Increase your list quality

You don't want to fill your database with poor quality data and then have the hassle and expense of data cleansing.

ZingVerify is a website form integration that completes real-time email verification as your visitors type.

This results in great user experience for your visitors, and high quality data for your marketing lists leading to improved campaign performance, deliverability and ROI.

Detect mistyped email addresses

Detect mistyped email addresses

It's amazing how many people mistype their email address, resulting in lost leads and poor campaign performance.

ZingVerify intelligently detects mistyped email addresses and prompts the user with "did you mean".

Mailbox level email verification

Mailbox level email verification at Gmail, Outlook, iCloud, Yahoo, AOL

Email validation first checks an email address for correct format and that the domain exists.

Email verification takes validation to the next level. It will check at the user mailbox level to make sure the mailbox exists and isn't full.

If you currently use an email service have you checked that they cover all these providers? Some don't, but ZingVerify does!

Reject disposable email addresses

Reject disposable email addresses

Don't let users get in your database if they are using disposable addresses.

ZingVerify can help you block disposable email addresses.

Fairer pricing

Smart choice prices

Most providers charge per lookup, meaning that if a user mistypes their email address then corrects it you could get charged multiple times.

ZingVerify charges a maximum of once per form visitor.

We even have a free email validation service for low volume customers.

Want to see ZingVerify in action?

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Simple monthly pricing, free trial and no long-term commitment.



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  • 1 website
  • 500 form verifications
  • No usage charges
Higher volume plans available. Please Contact Us for more information.
Internal System Plan also available.

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